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Key LeBlanc is a singer, songwriter, published author and philanthropist with a knack for expressing herself through service, art and music. She was born in Louisiana and moved to Dallas, TX when she was a teenager. Her humble southern upbringing evokes a unique voice and style.

As a child, Key was outgoing and full of life. She excelled in education, dance, cheer, orchestra, band and modeling. Key graduated from high school early, with honors and went off to study Biology, Pre-Med at Texas Tech University. Again, she finished her studies a year early with honors and was on track for Medical School. After graduation, Key went on a solo trip to Europe. During this trip she asked herself what made her truly happy, and the answer was helping others and the ability to express herself creatively. While in Europe she thought about how much she loved performing as a child and how happy it made her and others. She concluded that becoming a doctor would not fulfill her soul, so when she arrived home from Europe, she packed up her things and moved to L.A with hopes of discovering herself.

Year 1 in Los Angeles was dedicated to the hustle. Modeling auditions and acting classes galore while working part time as an on-site property manager. Year 2, her mother convinced her to get a full-time job with "benefits" so all she did was work. Year 3 was the toughest yet. She fell in love with someone she believed to be her soulmate but found out that he was only a lesson. Shortly after the failed relationship Key found her old guitar she had received from a friend when she was 18 years old. She began playing around with it which led to writing songs and poetry. Eventually, she joined her church’s choir and continued to write stories from her heart about all she had been through. About a month after her breakup, Key decided to visit one of her best friends in Europe. While there, she ran into her old friend August 08 who she hadn’t heard from in a while. They both happened to be in London at the same time, so he invited her out to catch up. At the meeting Key found out August was living the life he told her he wanted when they had met her very 1st year in L.A. August 08 was there on tour with other members of the record label 88rising. He invited Key to his sold-out show with Rich Brian. As Key watched them perform, she thought, “wow they’re living their dreams; unapologetically and confidently sharing their passions with the world.” Then she thought, “I should be doing the same.”

“I began writing again to heal myself, then I thought maybe my poems, songs and stories could heal others or at least ensure someone that they are not alone. So, I wrote a book called The Evolution of Modern-day Love, which is a love story expressed through poetry. Shortly after my book I wrote my first EP Growing which is an acoustic ep that inspires self-love, personal growth and perseverance.

~Key LeBlanc~

She arrived back in L.A at the beginning of the New Year 2018, year 4 and decided that she was going to finally share her music and gifts with the World. She started working part time again as a property manager to pay her bills and would attend networking events with other musicians and artists to get more involved in the industry. Within that year Key laid down a few demos and began creating her acoustic EP Growing.

In November 2018 the building Key was managing fell victim to local gang violence. There was a shooting and tenants lost their lives. This event shook her to the core, so she decided to visit family back in Dallas, TX to regroup. While in Dallas she continued to work on her craft. Within her first month back she was chosen for an artist showcase at the Dallas House Of Blues where she performed for over 1,000 people, her first performance ever. Since then she has performed at Dallas Love Field Airport’s “Live at Love,” The Black Academy of Arts and Letters, DFW Go Big Women’s Expo and multiple Dallas area hotels.

Key Leblanc released her debut single this year which she titled Happy. This song helped her win iHeartRadio and Golden Road Brewing’s California Inspired Music Contest and she received the opportunity to perform at their Made in L.A Music Festival.

Key is currently working with producer Justin Gray as well as a full band in New York City developing her acoustic songs into fully produced singles. Key released her second single titled “Boyfriend” August 2019. She plans to get back into the studio to finish up the final touches of her EP Growing which is scheduled to release January 2020.