key leblanc


Key LeBlanc is a singer, songwriter, published author and philanthropist. She has always had a knack for expressing herself through service, art and music.

Born in Louisiana and raised in Texas, her humble southern upbringing evokes a unique voice and style. Her musical taste is inspired by some of the greatest soul, jazz, and R&B artists of our time.

In 2019, Key LeBlanc wrote and self-published her first book which she titled, The Evolution of Modern-Day Love. Her book portrays a love story expressed through poetic words and phrases. It is now available for purchase online through Barnes and Noble.

Key’s ultimate goal is to create positive change in the World through providing good, honest music and poetry that soothe the soul.




by Key LeBlanc

Growing is Key LeBlanc’s Debut EP. This acoustic album is about personal growth, self-love, and the encouragement of others. The purpose of this album is to remind listeners of their strength and encourage them to remember that through every obstacle, they are growing

This album is scheduled to release in 2020